viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

Our project highlighted once again!!!!!

The Spanish National Support Service for eTwinning in Spain, highlights our project on their own blog as a high quality labelled etwinning project.
Read the article (in Spanish).
Congratulations once again, to all our etwinners and thank you very much for your work!!!!

Carnival in Avilés, 2NA B

martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

Objetive for the summer


I have recently bought by internet a book, the book is "Slaying the dragon", this book is written in English language by the athlete Michael Johnson.

I have always wanted to read this book since he wrote it in 1996, but my poor information about English languaje, I couldn't read it. But it is diferent now, I have been learned a litle English languages, so I'm going to try to read this book in this summer.

Maybe this book isn't the most recomended for a beginner, but I can try it.

On September, I will tell you...
Mario 2º basic, English
(good luck for exams)

Project of the Month

Our TWINBLOG has been chosen as PROJECT OF THE MONTH, by the Spanish National eTwinning Support Service, on behalf of our Ministry of Education.

You'll be able to see it highlighted on their Portal for a good while!!!!

Once again, congratulations to all our etwinners!!!!! Well done!!!!!

And, thanks ever so much for your work !!!!!

martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

National Quality Label awarded!!!!

Our Twinblog has just been awarded the Spanish Quality Label today!!!!!

The Spanish eTwinning National Support Service, from the Ministry of Education, has got in touch with me, as coordinator of the project, to let us all know that our etwinning project was worth a National Quality Label.

eTwinning Quality Labels are granted to teachers with excellent eTwinning projects. They indicate that the project has reached a certain national standard.

What are the benefits?

The Quality Label is concrete recognition to teachers and schools of the high level of their eTwinning activities. For pupils, this offers a boost to their work efforts, and for the school in general, a public affirmation of their commitment to quality and openness in European collaborative work.

Who grants the national Quality Label?

The National Support Service (NSS) in each country evaluates applications from schools for the national Quality Label.

What are the criteria?

A project has to broadly achieve excellence in the following areas: (1) Sustainability, (2) Use of ICT within the project, (3) Results and benefits, (4) Curricular integration, (5) European dimension, (6) Innovation/creativity, and (7) Overall quality.

From our virtual etwinning meeting point, I'd like to sincerely thank all of you, etwinning teachers and students, who have all worked really hard for it.

Congratulations to everybody!!!!!!

EASTER WEEK: “The day of the meal in the street”

I would like to tell many things about the Easter Week in Avilés, so that you can know something more about the processions in my city, but the reality is that I have never participated in the processions, so I can’t tell you anything interesting about them.
However, I can tell you about a day which is celebrated by almost all of people in Avilés: Easter Monday (The first Monday after Easter Friday). This day is called “The day of the meal in the street” because families and friends leave home to eat their Spanish home-made omelette, turnovers and sandwiches in the street. And they usually drink cider. People divide up almost of the main streets of the city with their chairs and collapsible tables or they simply place a piece of plastic to lie down on the grass of the park. Some people prefer to eat while they are sitting on chairs outside pubs and bars along the streets (these places have to be reserved and paid for as soon as possible).
On this day it is customary that godsons and goddaughters give a sprig of laurel or a blessed palm to their godparents. Godparents buy them an Easter bunny (sometimes they also give them a present).
It is a perfect day to share and enjoy with the family.

Ana Belén González Murciego, 2ºInt H.