martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

EASTER WEEK: “The day of the meal in the street”

I would like to tell many things about the Easter Week in Avilés, so that you can know something more about the processions in my city, but the reality is that I have never participated in the processions, so I can’t tell you anything interesting about them.
However, I can tell you about a day which is celebrated by almost all of people in Avilés: Easter Monday (The first Monday after Easter Friday). This day is called “The day of the meal in the street” because families and friends leave home to eat their Spanish home-made omelette, turnovers and sandwiches in the street. And they usually drink cider. People divide up almost of the main streets of the city with their chairs and collapsible tables or they simply place a piece of plastic to lie down on the grass of the park. Some people prefer to eat while they are sitting on chairs outside pubs and bars along the streets (these places have to be reserved and paid for as soon as possible).
On this day it is customary that godsons and goddaughters give a sprig of laurel or a blessed palm to their godparents. Godparents buy them an Easter bunny (sometimes they also give them a present).
It is a perfect day to share and enjoy with the family.

Ana Belén González Murciego, 2ºInt H.

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