domingo, 5 de abril de 2009


Easter, starts on the 5th of April and finishes on the 13th of April.
These public holidays have a lot of religious and festive events.

The most significant day for people who love Easter is “Domingo de Ramos”.
People go to the different churches of Avilès where the priest blesses a kind of typical palm.
After that, there is a procession called “La Borriquilla” that marches down some of the most important streets of Avilès.
And finally there is a mass.

The second festive day is called “Jueves Santo”, on this day there are some processions at night that are followed successively by others the next few days.

The third important day is “Viernes Santo”, when there are also some processions with a different religious meaning to the day before.
The streets are crowded with people watching these processions, , moreover the young go out at night to the different pubs in the city-center.

The last day is called “Lunes de Pascua” and this is the most exciting day for the young who call it “Lunes de la comida en la calle”.
It begins in the morning. A lot of tables are put out on the main streets. People take their own food and cider to have a nice day with their relatives or friends.
The young do the same but in the biggest park of Avilès.
This festivity has been declared of National Tourist Interest.

By Sonia Suárez 2IE

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