domingo, 5 de abril de 2009


Every Easter Holidays, there is one day (Monday after Maundy Thursday), when everybody in Avilés leaves their homes to fill all the streets in the city. Families, teenagers, children, meet in different parts of the town to eat together. No problems, no work, only celebration. It´s a fantastic day, unique in our village.
The city council puts tables and chairs along the parks or squares for people to eat on. You can eat anywhere. Everything is free, you only have to bring your food and enjoy yourself.
People sing and dance to the sounds of the bagpipes and drink lots of cider, too. The atmosphere is really special. You can see people wearing the typical costume from Asturias.
Happily more than 23.000 people share this beautiful day with their relatives and friends. Although the weather is not always on our side, it´s an exciting experience, anyway.
You should check it out!

By Olaya Abad 2I E

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