lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009

Aren't you a believer?... Well, eat a bun!!!

Here, in Avilés, we celebrate The Holy Week (or Easter) as a Religious celebration. Everything begins on Palm Sunday. People go to church with a laurel or olive palm to bless it. On this day, they wear new clothes because it's a traditional act. As the saying goes: “you will wear for the first time a garment if you don't want your hands to fall off”.

On Maundy Thursday and Good Friday all the believers go out on to the street to see “the passion floats” (= a group of people bearing images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin during processions). The air smells of candles and there is wax on the floor where they have just passed by.

On Easter Sunday we enjoy watching the floats pass and figures with huge heads march too and make children laugh.

On Easter Monday we have an original and unique celebration. We bake an Easter bun (but most people buy it) with a strange form which is delicious. This is the best part of Easter for me!!!

By Maria José Marín

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