domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009


There are some interesting celebrations during the Holy Week in Spain and a lot of tourists come from different countries to see them.

There are fabulous processions all over the country, with members of brotherhoods that are called “cofradías”, dressed in hooded robes who come out on to the streets carrying sculptures.

Celebrating the Holy Week is a typical tradition in Spain. You can see this in the North and in the South, but I believe that this religious tradition is more popular in the South than in the North.

Maybe “Sevilla” has the most famous Holy Week processions. But, if you have the chance to come and see the Holy Week in Avilés you will enjoy this spectacular celebration, too.

There are eight brotherhoods with more than one thousand memberships who carry the sculptures from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday. After that, there is a special celebration called the “Fiesta del Bollo” which all children wait for with enthusiasm.

On Easter Sunday, god-parents give short-cake to their god-children as they receive the Holy Palms. The next day, a lot of decorated carriages, beautiful giant-headed figures and some musical groups parade along the street. Later, at midnight, there are a lot of spectacular fireworks over the Avilés estuary. This is the end of the Holy Week in Avilés.

By Natalia Vega

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