domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009


You probably think I told you about Easter in Avilés and the Easter Bun in my last recipe. You are right! But today I’m going to tell you about another typical custom in Avilés. This is a meal in the street, where people can enjoy a nice day sharing their delicious meals with neighbours and unknown but talkative people in the most interesting and historic places of our city.

This party started in 1992 to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of “The Bun Party” in Avilés, and every year it is a great success with lots of participation.

This year we’re going to celebrate this meal on 13th of April. My family, my friends and I will be there this year. I hope so. We couldn’t enjoy it last year because it was pouring, so we are very excited because we’ll be spending that day all together.

To go to this party you only have to go to the Town Hall and choose the place you want in a map of the city, they’ll do the rest of the work: they put out a big table along the main streets, the chairs and the music.

I´d rather go to a historic square called “Hermanos Orbón Square” where every Monday (except Easter Monday) there is a big market. There you can listen to live music in a beautiful place with people you love. Isn’t it a really good plan to start the week after the Easter holidays?

By Sonia Alonso García

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