viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009

Mini Sagas

Hello, Twinblog friends,
My students have written these mini sagas for you to read. A mini saga is a very short story as it must have 50 words!
Best Wishes from EOI Avilés.
Carmen Gómez

Esther García Mazón
2º Intermedio H
He wanted to take revenge on his friend because this friend had teased him. He had pretended to sell a lottery ticket of the day before. Today his friend lives in a big mansion, surrounded by luxury, and he has stopped selling lottery to work as the driver of his limo

Carmen Andrea Bueno
2º Intermedio C
Everyday the elder man went to the hospital to read the same story to the same elder woman. At the end of this beautiful story, the woman usually smiled and kissed him sweetly. Actually, she was his wife. He read their own love story and, fortunately, she often remembered him.

Nacho Suarez Alijostes
2º Intermedio G
Revenge is sweet
The Russian Tycoon stepped out of a taxi on his return home from a football club’s Christmas party yesterday when he was threatened by two thieves. They stole his designer’s watch and expensive jewellery while the Tycoon reportedly disputed his taxi fare. He had not been injured. Inquiries are still ongoing.

Pablo Escudero
2º Intermedio H
Time is money
-“¿Could you read me a bedtime story?”
-“Alright,” the mother of the three little pigs told them. “You are big enough to live alone, but take care that the wolf doesn’t catch you.”
-“Stop, dad! You have 25 more words. This has to be a mini saga, not a novel!”

Best Wishes from EOI Avilés