lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Avilés as cultural village

Aviles is a small town, but has a huge history. Its theatre is very famous in Spain, its cultural life is very intense all year.You can see Spanish TV actors and actresses in our theatre and the tickets are at a very good price.

If you prefer to see the architecture of Aviles, here there are a lot of ancient buildings of PreRomanesque style, and you can pay a visit to all of these and know their history. Also, you can see a fragment of the wall that has sorrounded Aviles for a long time.

Aviles is not only a cultural town, it has also been an industrial town for many yearsand has had factories that have employed people and made some of them rich. One of this is the iron and steel industry, it makes the metal for our cars, lorries, vans, trams and planes. This industry also contributes to protect the environment with the manufactures of windmills. . This wind is used to produce electrical energy.

Aviles is also a sport village, it has various sport centres, where you can do sport,get fit and have fun. I enclose a photo I took of athletics track in Quirinal.

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