domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

Heey again!!

The etwinning-project was really pretty!!
I enjoyed all the time. All the exchange-students were so nice and I miss all of them now :(
I would like to go to Spain would be real fun!! :) Avilès is such a nice isn't as big as Essen but I would like to live there, too. It's enough!!
My spanish family showed me a lot of the way of spanish living and I think I really like it ;)
There are some differences between it but it was a great experience and I hope that all the other students are thinking so,too.
At the end I have to thank Miss Hasselmann who made the exchange possible!
With this positive thought of the exchange I wouldn't have a problem to do the next :P
Regards from Essen...

Bye bye...your Janett :D

2 comentarios:

Mª Jesús García San Martín dijo...

Dear Janett,
Glad to hear that you liked the exchange in etwinning, but don' forget Twinblog goes on and there are lots of other activities to keep up with etwinning.
All the best,
Mª Jesús

Lyra dijo...

Janett! Miss you so much too! You've been one of the greatest people I've met in this trip. We'll keep in touch, don't be sad!