domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

hey everybody
my time in spain was great .I think the exchange has a very good result.
It was a lot of fun for everybody.
At first i want to tell a bit about my hostfamily.
The familly was really friendly.The house was big and nice.The ambience was beautiful and i also like the city aviles .
It was sooooo cool to see how the spanish people live and their traditions .
I think the spanish food it very delicious and i tried to taste everything my familiy gaves me.
It was good for us to speak english the wohle time so it was a valuable training for us.
Laura and I had venture a lot of things together with our hostfamilies.We were at the high cliffs and in a museum near the cliffs which was very interesting.We also were in a little city where the small houses were build on top of eachother.That was really impressive for us .
The weather in Spain was better then here in germany. Although some days were not soo good and very coold but the other days it was particulary warm there in the winter . At the last day before leaving spain it was very windy and things were fliying through the air.
And in the night it was a bit scary to listen to the wind which hits the windows :S .
At most i liked it to go shopping in spain .
The shops there has so much wonderful clothes not like in germany .
And the shopping centers are so awesome. There i felt like in a paradise .

Okay at last i want to thank my hostfamily and expecially Virginia again for everything they have done for me . It was a great time and i always would do it again.
I hope we will see us again in the next time .
Bye Bye

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Mª Jesús García San Martín dijo...

Glad to hear that you have liked the experience and hope you keep on etwinning around.
Kind regards,
Mª Jesús