domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

My experience - By Alicia Corchón

Hello everybody!!!

This trip was my first exchange and I have to say that it was wonderful!!! I think I’m very lucky because I could meet very nice people and know Essen.

At first, I was nervous because it was my first time in another country. I don’t speak German and I’m not good at speaking English, but Lea, my exchange partner, was very kind and her family too. She was always smiling and asking to me if I wanted to go anywhere or if I needed anything. We had a lot of fun bowling and ice-skating, and playing videogames with Justin; but I think the most amazing thing in Essen was the book shop… Maybe that’s because I love books and manga comics. It was huge! I really think that all in Essen was huge: houses, skyscrapers, the Town Hall, the shopping centre…

Lea wasn’t able to go to Spain because she was ill. What a pity! So Robin, who didn’t have a partner, came to my home. I discovered that all the men in Spain and Germany speak the same language: it’s called football. My dad got along with him though he doesn’t speak English or German. Robin was a very nice boy too.

Those days I spent in Essen were awesome and the days that they were in Avilés too. Four days are a very short time but I enjoyed it very much. All people in the exchange (Spanish and German, teachers and students) were very nice and I think the other Robin is the funniest person in the world. I’m very glad I met all of them.


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Mª Jesús García San Martín dijo...

Hi, Alicia, I'm really happy that you have liked the exchange and enjoyed this experience, and I hope you keep on etwinning around.
All the best,
Mª Jesús