domingo, 11 de enero de 2009


Asturian Fabada

¾ kilo of Asturian beans;
2 black sausages;
2 sausages of good quality;
½ kilo of shoulder of pork (or small piece of ham);
100 grs. of streaky bacon;
Ear of pork; (Optional)
Parsley; (Optional)
A touch of oil;
Saffron; (Optional)

We start by leaving the shoulder of pork in warm water the previous night, after scoring the skin. Equally the Asturian beans are left in cold water the previous night.
In a casserole proportionate to the quantities of the ingredients, put in the Asturian beans, the shoulder of pork, the black sausages, the sausages, the bacon, the quartered onion pieces, the cut garlic, the tied parsley, a touch of oil. It is covered with cold water and put on the hob, skimming off the excess carefully. Once boiling we put it aside and let it cook/boil slowly, a little uncovered, making sure that the Asturian beans are always covered with water so that we don’t peel off the skin. Cold water will be added occasionally in small quantities. It must be watched so that the boiling is always slow and also we must shake the casserole often so that the beans do not stick. (Optional: In the middle of the cooking process, season with saffron, lightly toasted and very undone.)
When cooked then we season with salt, bearing in mind the quantity of salty meat. (Optional: If, at the end of the cooking, the broth has remained too thin, pierce the meat, letting it cook a little more.) Before serving, leave to rest aside for half an hour. Before serving, remove the onions and parsley. Serve with the meat sliced.

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