domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

We'll come back, Avilés!

Rain, hail and a severe storm could not hinder us from enjoying our stay in Spain. We were welcomed very warmly and the German students had a great time. They explored the city, met Spanish friends, tasted new dishes and decided to visit each other soon. They soon become part of their host family.
So from strangers to friends in a few days.
The return trip showed Asturias from its best, blue sky and sunshine back to Santander. The pilot took off early and found a shortcut home. We were able to catch the earlier bus and were home an hour early, full of memories.
Thanks to the teachers involved, María, Belén, Clara, Allison, Marta and Ana for the private tour and the plants from her yard which will continue to grow in Essen.
U. Hasselmann

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Mª Jesús García San Martín dijo...

Hi, nice to hear that you are home safe and sound.
Lovely to have you all here and very nice meeting your bunch.
All the best,
Mª Jesús

urselha dijo...

Un abrazo a Javier y Carlos!!