domingo, 11 de enero de 2009

My Easter Recipe


Hello, my name is Sonia and I’m from Avilés (Asturias). I’ve decided to show you a typical recipe from my city. It´s a typical bun we usually make at Easter.
In Avilés there is a party at Easter, we celebrate this religious party and the beginning of the spring too. It´s name is something like “A Bun Party” (“Fiestas del Bollo”). This name is because of this bun. The godparents give this bun to their godchildren on Easter Sunday.
The bun is different here because it’s the shape of a four pointed star, and it has several layers. You can buy it in all cake shops in Avilés or you can make it yourself! If you do, It´ll be a better and cheaper bun!
I always make it for my godson, and I usually decorate it with a sweet in each star point, with a big chocolate egg on the top of the bun and one small toy from a famous cartoon of the current year. Next Easter I´ll decorate it with a toy of WWE: Smackdown. I don’t like them at all, but he’s seven years old and he loves playing with them.
Now I’m going to tell you about the recipe:

The ingredients you need are:
- 250 grams of sugar
- 250 grams of flour
- 250 grams of lard
- 5 eggs
- A half teaspoon of baking powder

The way you must make it is:
Prepare the baking tin. Grease it with butter and sprinkle with bread crumbs.
Turn on the oven to 150 ºC.
You must melt the lard slowly while you separate the egg yolk and the egg white. It´s incredibly important, don´t mix them. Then, beat the egg white until they froth. You should be sure you are doing this step in the correct way. The secret is to turn the bowl upside down. If the egg white doesn´t move or they don’t turn over you are doing it Ok.
Now, add the yolk and beat, then add the sugar and beat again. Mix the baking powder with the flour, add them and beat again. You should do these steps gently.
Add the lard. It must be tepid, not very hot and not very cold. Beat everything again and put it into the baking tin. Put it into the oven for between 60 and 75 minutes.
It’s very important not to open the oven for an hour. You must check if the bun is made: stick the knife into the bun. If the knife is clean, you should get the bun out of the oven and take it out of the mould.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and …

By Sonia Alonso García
Int 2F

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