domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008

Greetings from Germany!


Let me tell you something about me:

My name's Robin Kowalski, I am 16 years old and live with my mom, dad and my two brothers in Essen, Germany.
My first brother(Michael) is 24 years old, and my second brother(Samuel) is 21 years old.
My whole family was born in Poland, except for me...:D
I was born here in ESSEN!^^
I'm now in the 10th grade in the Gymnasium-Essen-Nord-Ost-"highschool".

I am speaking German, Polish and English.
(ok...I'm learning French now, but i hate it because I can't notice all the vokabulary and gramar of this horrible speech!xD)
I've been in Poland, in Greece and in Spain.
I was already a lot of times in Poland!(also, because we've got 3 houses there(yeah...that's my dad's hobby: to build houses xD), and my family largely is living there)
My dad is an independent "allround-craftsman" and my brothers works with him!
And if I want and have some time left, I help him, too.

My hobbies are: do sport, hear music, play games(computer- and board-games) , go out with my friends(meet them), and relax after a hard day(by playing games and hearing music) !^^

My style of music is basicly Electronica, House, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Rock
While hearing "my" music I can turn-off and relax.=)

I like to get to know other cultures, morals, places and people.
Therefore I'm looking forward to do the exchange.

It will be fun! =)

Greetings, Robin A.K.

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Lyra dijo...

So we'll have a great time!
I didn't know about your trip to Greece :P