miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2008

Hi my name is Lea. I´m 16 years old and live with my family in a house in Essen, Germany.

I´ve got a brother, who is 13 years old and two iguanas [named sheila and spiro]

I love pets like this, because i think they are very interesting and sweet.. :)

In school i like art, german and MTU [human, technology, environment].

Whenever i have free time i meet my friends. I hate staying alone.
We mostly stay out and relax or go shopping.
I also like cycling and i LOVE to take a walk.. :P

On Weekends we love to party: either we throw a party at someones home or we go to a disco or bar.

The picture: Kira, Shanice (she is also one of the exchange students), and me

Travelling can be fun :D

Till now I´ve been to Spain, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland.
I like to meet new people and see new countries, so i look forward to the student exchange! :)

If you want to know more about me you can write an e-mail or add me on msn: lea.keep-smile@hotmail.de

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