miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2008

Heei :)

at the picture I'm on the right side next to my italian friend :)

my Name is Lisa and in a month I'm 17years old. I've got a sister. She's younger than me (13) but taller hehe. We live with mum and dad in a house in the north of Essen. We have got two little rabbits, Haribo and Pepper. I love pets and can't live without. It's a nice feeling to know 'at home somebody is waiting for me' :D

I like to live in a big city. You can shop everytime. I just need 15minutes to be in the city! Here in the ruhrarea are lots of big citys where you can go shopping. We live in the shoppingparadise and it isn't all expensive.
I'm happy to do this exchange. I love Spain and I hope my english will be better after this exchange. The first time i had been in spain I was two years old. Next year I go to an other school and study spanish there.

I go dancing. I'm in formation named ELECTRIFY (the right picture).
They and my best friends are all for me. Without them - without me! This weekend we have a championchip (GermanCup) I hope all you will wish us luck :)

Every freetime I go out with friends; go shopping, make party or go dancing :) I think you will have a great time here and it will be fun :D I look forward to the exchange ..

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