miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

Typical Spanish omelet, by Diego Iglesias 2ºI-NI

1.One bottle of oil

2.Four or five potatoes. You have to peel and cut them. There are different ways to cut them. I prefer to cut them small

3.Also you can add sliced onion and pepper

4.And finally,
four or five eggs


You have to heat the oil. When it’s hot, add the potatoes and the onion. Don’t cook it very fast. The more slowly you do it, the better it will taste.
Be careful, you shouldn’t fry the potatoes.
When they are
tender, you have to put them in a bowl with the beaten eggs and mix it all.
Then, you have to heat a little oil in a large skillet, and when it starts to be hot, add the mixture. This is important; you ha
ve to move the skillet to prevent sticking.
Here is the important and typical step. When potatoes start to brown, with caution, you have to put a plate on the skillet and turn it around. When you do it, you have the omelet in the plate, with the brown side up. Now, you have to fry the other part.

When it is done, you can eat it.

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