jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008

Loli ' s Profile ( 2ºA-NB )

Hi everybody My name's Loli. I was born in Aviles and I live in Las Vegas. I married 15 years ago and I have a son whose name is Ruben , he's 14 years old . My mother was born in Galicia and her name’s Maria. My father was born in Burgos and his name’s Nicolas.
I’m a housewife and a student of English. My hobbies are listening to music , going to the cinema, and reading in Spanish and in English.

We are in December now and I like Christmas, I like to put the Christmas tree, listening to music put the Christmas lights ...

Let me tell you about a trip to London I made in 2006

I went to London in 2006 with some friends , we stayed for four days in a big hotel. It had 140 rooms and was situated in Kensington. The hotel was very good but not aluxury hotel .
We walked every day from 10 to 12 hours and we saw Hide Park, Buckingham Palace, Soho, Picadilly.
We went to Soho two evenings , we ate and drank in a good restaurant and I met different people.
In Harrods I bought a bag with a picture of a dog and I also bought magazines, t-shirts, mugs…
We had a good time with sunny but very cold weather beacause we went there in March, London is fantastic, it is a big city with nice people but I had problems because I didn’t understand English and felt stupid. London is a beautiful city but very expensive.

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Vanesa dijo...

I agree with you. London is a wonderful and exciting city but the problem is that it's just too expensive.