martes, 2 de diciembre de 2008

My town, by Patricia Liñares 1ºL-NI

My name is Patricia, I’m 28 years old, I live in Asturias, which is a province in the north of Spain. Nowadays I live in Aviles, a small but charming town. It is an industrial city but the old part is lovely.
The beach is near, only four or five kilometres away. In Asturias there are lots of very beautiful beaches. One of the longest is Bayas Beach, which is two kilometres long approximately.
I work in an office in the centre of Avilés. Three days a week I go to learn English at The Official School of Languages, because that language is very important for my job, and myself.
I’m sociable and talkative I love meeting people because I think it is very important to have a social life.
I have lot of friends who I see at weekends. I like going out with them, we frequently have dinner out together, they usually eat cachopo, a typical Asturian dish, which consists of two beef steaks and in the middle thinly sliced ham and sliced cheese. But in summer we do barbecues in the country.
Not very far from our town there are high mountains where my friends go skiing but I can’t ski. I think skiing is a very difficult sport
Although Avilés is a small town, you can do lots of things here!!!!

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