jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

Alberto Manzanal by himself (2NB F)

Hello my name is Alberto. I’m thirty and I’m about 175 cm tall. I am well built. I have short curly dark hair.

I am an industrial engineer and I have worked for a multinational company which manufactures windscreens for seven years . The factory is in Aviles (a small city in the north of Spain) very near my flat and I can walk to work (although I don’t always walk).

One of my hobbies is underwater fishing, if the sea isn’t very rough and I don’t work (and I don’t have English classes) I try to go to the sea. In the middle of the picture you can see a black circle which is my head and behind me a buoy which signposts my position. This day the sea wasn’t rough but when it is I don’t usually go because there isn’t visibility. My other hobbies are having a siesta, reading books, drinking wine (also beer) with moderation (although not always) and eating good food.

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Wioletta Krysztoforska dijo...

Hi Alberto!
Nice to meet you! Do you was in Poland?