jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008


My name is Patryk. I come from Choceń in Poland. I am 15 years old and I am a student. I was born on 01.01.1993. I have got blond hair abd blue eyes. I am very nia, friendly and active. At present I live with my parents and my sister in a big detached house. When I am at home, I usually watch TV and play computer games. I have got one sister. My sister's name is Marta-she's fourteen years old. I like palying football and meeting my friends. I don't like learning.

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Vanesa dijo...

Hey Patryk!

I'm Vanesa from Spain!
My profile is also in this blog.
I like football too, actually I'm a big Real Sporting de Gijón fan, which is a Spanish team in a city near Avilés.
I hope to see you in Poland C=
Best wishes!!

Mª Jesús García San Martín dijo...

Hi, Patryk, I'm Mª Jesús, a teacher at the EOI Avilés. Hope you enjoy our etwinning.
Mª Jesús