martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008

Santiago's profile 2ºAB

Name: Santiago
Surname: Fernández Sánchez
Age: 17
Occupation: Student

I was born in Oviedo in September 1991, while the city was celebrating its festivities. Around the time I was born my parents were living separately. My father was a teacher in Tapia de Casariego and my mother worked in Oviedo, but my birth changed everything, as three years later we moved to Salinas. I’ve lived there since I was 4 and it has become the place "where I come from". It’s truly a great place to grow up, specially when you are a kid, but it becomes a bit weary. Most of my friends live here or around here, en the very next towns, such as Raices or Avilés.

My childhood has been quite normal. I grew up as an only child, being quite happy and having my education in the public school. I’ve always had good marks and I will start next year university to study "Engineering of ways, channels and bridges" in La Coruña. I’m quite scared about the possibility of living alone and far from home (Not too much, but this is a step).

My principal interest is arts in general and being more precisely cinema, literature and music. I watch lots of films and I admire directors such as Truffaut or F.F Coppola. In literature I’m an eclectic (And not tasteful at all) reader, but I have to say that I read a lot and I’ve got preference in realistic novels. I usually hate fantastic books. And the most important interest I have is music. I have no musical studies nor can I read scores, but I try to play guitar by ear. I admire lots of musicians, such as Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Will Oldham, Nacho Vegas, Paul Weller... I saw the first in concert and it was wonderful, a magical experience.

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