martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008

Cristina Perez Costoya: Personal profile 2ºAB


-NAME: Cristina
- LASTE NAME: Pérez Costoya
- AGE: 16

My family, the people I live with, is not very large, just my parents and my younger brother, who is 10. My parents and closest family, like my grandma and my uncle, are the people who are mainly responsible what I am now. They've shown me everything they've considered was the best for me and they've shown me how to behave in every situation. Another which is important in defining myself are my friends and my own experiences. The most remarkable aspects they've taught me are the sense of being polite, responsible, to fight for the things that really matter to me, and try to be happy and get over difficult things.

Actually, I'm studying in the high school and in two years I want to go to the University to study Medicine.
In my free time I try to see my friends because they don't go to the same school as me and we go for a walk, to the disco... other things I enjoy doing in my free time are: listening to music and chatting with friends I haven’t seen for long because I've met them in courses abroad and they are either from other cities in Spain or form other countries.

I'm a very curious person, I like travelling to new places where I can discover new cultures and ways of living, new languages and also see things I’ve studied before; for example when I visit a museum or a cultural city like Mérida.
Besides I like painting, I've been going to classes for several years. The thing I like the most of art is drawing, but I also can paint in oil, watercolours or pastel.
Another characteristic of me is that I'm keen on sports. During my childhood I've done ballet, swimming and, actually, I play basketball. I've been playing basketball since I was nine and I love it. Anther sport I like a lot is diving, so this summer I've done a diving curse with my uncle, who is a diving teacher.

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Alu dijo...

Well done Cristina, I know this girl and everything she has said it is true! I like the photos too.
Is the last photo from Ireland? It seems from that country.

cris dijo...

noo!! it's from edimburgh!! is similar, mainly the weather..always raining and cold!!¬¬' xD

but everything is fantastic, like take from a fairy tail!:) the city of edimburh is magic..

Pedobear dijo...

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Hope i can cumblast in your face one day.

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