domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

Susana Dominguez by herself (2NB F)

My name is Susana, I live in Corvera. It is a small village near Avilés, in the north of Spain. I´m thirty-two years old. I live in a flat. I have two sisters and two little nieces, their names are Laura and Paula.

I´m short and medium-weight. I have short fair curly hair. I have fair skin. My eyes are dark green. I wear glasses.

I think I´m a funny person. I´m quite extrovert.

In my free time I study English, I go to class three times a week. I’d like to speak English to travel abroad. I love reading books and I like planes.

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Wioletta Krysztoforska dijo...

Hi Susana!
It's nice to meet you.