domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008


My name's Paulina Iwaszko. I live in Poland, in Śmiłowice. I'm 15 yeras old. I go to school in Choceń.
I really love music. I usually listen POP and classical music, but I sometimes listen ROCK. I hate heavy metal and Hip-Hop. My mother name's Violetta, my father name's Robert. I have one sisters and her name is Ola. I want to go Australia or Africa. I like play the piano and guitar. My best friends name's Kamil. I often help stick people.

3 comentarios:

Mª Jesús García San Martín dijo...

Hi, Paulina, pleased to meet you. I hope you enjoy our Twinblog and find lots of etwinners in Spain.
See you soon,
Mª Jesús

Lyra dijo...

Hi, nice to meet you! I also can play the piano, although I don't have enough time know. And you're right (in my opinion) Hip-Hop sucks a bit, pop's better :D

Alu dijo...

Hi, nice to meet you!You must know yu are welcome here, in Spain anytime.