sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2008

Esteban Suárez 1º L- NI, personal profile

My name is Esteban and I was born 43 years ago.
I studied law because I had always wanted to be a great lawyer but when I finished I felt disappointed. I worked for a private company and I studied Theology.
When I finished my studies I realized that I could use my knowledge of theology and share it with teaching. I could make nowadays teenagers know the message I believed in and decide after that whether they would follow it or not.
My job is very pleasant. I´m a teacher at school now, and I hope I will stay there for a long time. I teach Theology to 500 pupils. They speak about their problems and anxieties and it is easier for me to know the reality of young people.
I explain to them that through their effort and solidarity and if they believe in themselves they can reach they goals and that there is always a future.
I direct with another teacher a school theatre group and we have 20 actors. As I work with young people I must be very creative, I can organize festivals, plays and conferences for young people, so they know about other costumes and cultures. Today, in Spain, there are people from different countries. It’s very important that we know their lifestyle, culture, costumes and religion too.
All that I do in my job I do it with pleasure and not as an obligation.

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