martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008

Paulina Szydłowska

My name is Paulina. I'm fourteen years old and I live in Wilkowice in Poland.
I live in a big house in a small village.
I have got one sister. My sister's name is Martyna- she's twelve years old.
At school I like English and Polish, but I don't like PE.
I love listening to music, reading books and travelling.
My favourite books are: ,,Wiedźmy", ,,Patussa" and ,,Tajemniczy ogród". My favourite color is brown. Every year I go to the seaside and mountains.

3 comentarios:

Vanesa dijo...

Hi Paulina!
I'm am a girl from EOI Avilés. You can read my profile in Twinblog. I'm really looking forward to see you all in Poland and here in Spain too! C=

Mª Jesús García San Martín dijo...

Nice to meet you, Paulina, and hope to see you soon.
Mª Jesús

Alu dijo...

Hi Paulina! You are welcome here in Spain.