viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Ana María, by Esther Prieto, Advanced Level, 2nd Year, Group E

Ana María was born thirty years ago in Avilés, Asturias. She lives in Avilés and she has been living here all her life. She’s the second of three sisters. Her father is from Zamora, in Castilla León. He came to Avilés to work in a factory called Ensidesa and he met Ana Maria’s mother, who is from Grado, a small village in Asturias. They got married and they had three daughters.
Ana Maria’s elder sister lives in Vigo (Galicia), it is four hours by car from Asturias, she works in a newspaper as a journalist. The younger one lives in Tarragona (nine hours from Asturias) because of her job. Although they don’t live in the same city, they are a close-knit family. Ana Maria often travels to Galicia at weekends to visit her sister and when she’s on holiday she travels to Tarragona to meet her younger sister. Last September she spent her holidays in Tarragona and in a week time, the three of them are travelling to Rome with more friends for a week.
At the moment, Ana lives at her parents´; she hopes to get married to her boyfriend in the near future but now they’re saving money because it’s very expensive to rent or to buy a house.
Ana studied Business at Oviedo University. Nowadays she works for an American company called Dupont. She’s been working there for three years. She’s an accountant and she works in the financial department from seven or eight in the morning to four in the afternoon. She has to get through Singapore a lot. Sometimes she phones them and she has to think about the time she phones because there is a six hour difference between Singapore and Spain, but she usually sends e-mails to communicate with them. What she likes most about her job is her team; they all get on well. On the other hand, her job is often very stressful for her, especially at the end of each month because she has to close the accounts.
She likes what she does a lot but she hopes she’ll move to another company in the future because she doesn’t want to spend all her working life in Dupont. She says American people are very worried about figures.
In her spare time Ana loves meeting friends and going out to the cinema, to have dinner, going on shopping and so on and of course she loves travelling, she travels whenever she can.
She thinks what best defines is her town, her region and her country. She likes living in Aviles because it’s a small, warm and friendly city. What she likes best are the pedestrian areas to walk and what she likes least is the pollution because of the industry which is very close to the city. She would leave Avilés if she was offered a good job away but she always would visit her town.

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