viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Laura, by Hugo García

Laura is a teenager (in fact she is seventeen) who lives in Aviles, an industrial city next to the coast of Asturias, in the north of Spain. Nowadays, she is doing her last school year before university and tourism is the career she wants to study because she likes travelling and learning languages. She likes skiing, hanging out with her friends and going shopping.

Laura has neither brothers or sisters, nor grandparents, but she really gets on well with her cousins. Her father, who works as a teacher, used to live in Tolibia, which is a village in the mountains, in the south of Asturias, between Asturias and Leon. It is a nice place to have a relaxing time with good-looking landscapes and a nearby ski resort. In fact, she usually spends a month in the summer there and another month with her mother wherever as long as it is pretty close to the beach, for instance Cadiz, the last summer. Her mother works at a bank and lived in Pravia, a town near Aviles, before moving to Aviles, where all of them live.

As a result, Laura was born in Aviles, and she still lives there. She considers this is her hometown and his favourite place is Ferrera park, a lovely huge space, maybe the only one in the city.

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