viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

JAVIER’S PROFILE, by Susana García Rovés (2NAE)

Javier is 18 years old. He has just begun studying at University. He is studying Industrial Engineering in Gijón and thinks it is very hard because he will have to study a lot, although he is really excited about it. He would like to work for a big company in the future, where his ideal job would be in an office and travelling at the same time.
He likes studying foreign languages, besides he thinks it is very important for his future career. He studies English ( 6th year) and German (4th year) and can speak a little French too, because he studied it at High School.
His home town is Avilés because of his studies. He lives with an aunt now, but he usually lives in Soto del Barco. Soto del Barco is a small village in Asturias in the north of Spain. Javier likes pets and he has got two dogs in his garden. Soto is famous for a roundabout and a traffic light, which caused a lot of traffic jams in the past. A luxurious hotel has just been built in an old building, which was a palace owned by a well-known family from Soto in the past. The only thing Javier doesn’t like about Soto is that there isn’t any cinema or disco and he and his friends don’t have anywhere to go. There isn’t a High School in Soto, so he had to go to Pravia.
He is an only child, although he comes from a big family. He has a lot of cousins because his father has six brothers. He spends his holiday with his parents in the mountains in Cabrales. He used to spend a lot of time with his mother because she is a housewife, but he spends less time with his father because of his job.

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