miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008

CARMEN FERNÁNDEZ, by María Amorín, 2NA E

María Del Carmen Fernández was born in 1962. She is from Corvera, which is near Aviles. She is married and she has got a daughter called Lorena, who is seventeen years old.
Maria Del Carmen work as a teacher at ‘Numero 5’ high school and she teaches French. This year she has a group of A levels, Secondary School, year 1 and 3. However she has not a fixed job and she can be moved to another high school every year. She is lucky because she has been at that high school for three years. Years ago, when she worked in a far away place she had to take the train or the bus, and she decided to buy a car, but now her high school is very near and she doesn’t think she will have to move to another school.
She likes her job a lot; she says it’s a not boring job, because you are in contact with young people. A long time ago, when she began working she had no experience so the problems were bigger for her, but nowadays she can solve any trouble. She knows the teenagers very well and she thinks she takes care of them.
Talking about her family, she has a husband and a daughter who is seventeen, another teenager to take care of. She doesn’t argue too much with her, only a bit because of unimportant things. Her parents had to move to a house near hers because they had problems and she has to look after them. She always goes with her husband a daughter to have lunch on Sundays.
Her personal tastes are very interesting. She likes all kind of music, she really loves it. Her favourite season is summer because of holidays and sunshine. She adores Paris, and she has been there lots of times.

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Lyra dijo...

Her daughter's name is Noelia, not Lorena :S She goes to the same high school than me.

crismcfly dijo...

Carmen teached me French :) her lessons were very funny! and yes lyra you are right, Carmen told us she has a daughter called Noelia lol