sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Nacho Campa, by Judith Valdés, 2NAH

Here, by my side, is Nacho de la Campa Schweizes. I can imagine that you are probably thinking: what a strange surname for a Spanish boy! Let me tell you before taking a wild guess that he’s eighteen years old and he’s been living here all his life.

This year, he has started studying Telecommunications Engineer in Gijon and he’s very proud of being the first in his family who studies it. The best part of being a ‘ Teleco ‘ Engineer, as he told me, is that he will have to deal with lots of different and modern computers and other kind of technologies, and this is a great chance to improve his English and French, because it’s the type of job in which people have to have a good command of different languages to share their knowledge and work together all over the world.
He’s been interested in technologies since he was a child, when he used to play computer games for hours, but as he admits, the worst part of it could be the fact that he has to study a lot to get his engineering degree and he will also have to study all his life to adapt himself to new discoveries.
Nowadays, it’s more difficult to get a job than years ago and he knows it, and says that his future is quite unknown but he is sure that he wouldn’t like to spend the rest of his life in the same job, because he’d like to discover many places and people in order to get wiser.

The second day we talked to him, he opened his house and let us know a bit more of his life. He was born eighteen years ago in Oviedo; his parents were also born in Asturias but one of his mother’s ancestors came from Hungary. After three years living in Oviedo, his family finally moved to Aviles because of his father’s job.
He told us that he wouldn’t like to return to Oviedo because he likes small cities and it’s the opposite. Aviles is ideal for him because it’s big enough to have a great population and a great relationship between them; I mean, he doesn’t like crowded places and Aviles is big enough, almost everybody knows the rest who are the same age, streets aren’t too noisy, etc. As a result, the best part of Aviles, in his opinion, is Carbayedo park. It’s a place surrounded by many pubs where people go to have a coffee and talk quietly or have dinner, tasting different and typical dishes. Furthermore, it’s one of the most visited places in Aviles for tourists from all the countries because of its typical old buildings.

We continue with the interview to finally stop with his family. It isn’t too big, because his mother has three brothers and his father only has one sister, Lucia. He also has a younger sister who is sixteen years old. He sees the moment to build his own family too far away to think about it so he starts explaining to us how they get on. He feels very lucky to have such a nice family, all of them get on well and they hardly argue. But, he clears up and says that this can’t be extended to the relationship between him and his sister because they are always argueing and fighting, it’s terrible.

He finishes saying that, even though he tries to spend most time with his family as he can, it’s almost impossible because of their timetable, they’re always arriving and leaving at different times and the only moment they can share together and in peace, is dinner.

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