jueves, 16 de octubre de 2008

MARÍA AMORÍN, by Carmen Fernández, Advanced Level, 2nd Year, Group E

Firstly I am going to describe my partner. She is a fair-haired girl and her eyes are the same colour as mine, she is a teenager with brown eyes. She is medium height and a thin person.
Then I interviewed her about her name,her family,her town etc.
When we began to talk we were a bit nervous because it was the first time we met in class. But the conversation was very friendly, which helped us to relax.
Her name is Maria Amorin, and I remember I told her that I loved her surname, however her opinion was different. She is a student, and she is in second year, A level Science , at the Carreño Miranda,a high school in Aviles. She studies French too, as a second language, and surprisingly, her teacher is Rosa, a colleague of mine. She really likes studying, because she thinks it is very important for her. But it isn’t very common nowadays.
And I suppose it really means a lot to her parents, who are very proud of her, and besides she usually has very good marks, above all in English and French; she loves languages.
On the other hand, she also told me that in the past she did not study very much, but now it is very difficult and she studies a lot, normally four hours for an exam, and two hours when she has not got any.
Last year she decided to do Nursing, so she has to study a lot, because the marks to enter that career are very high (about 7,9).She can study in Oviedo or in Gijón.
Secondly she told me about her family.
She has got a little seven year old brother. She thinks he is very nice; a boy with blue eyes and blond hair. She added:”nicer than me”, because she said that when she was younger she had glasses and …well ,she said: ”I’m sure you know what I mean”. But personally I don’t think that should have been a problem. In fact she is a really nice girl.
Next she told me about her home town.
She lives at Carbayedo, in Avilés, she usually goes to her high school on foot. Her family have not lived here for generations. Her father is from Galicia, and her mother from Leon. They came to Asturias when they were teenagers. And of course, she lives with her parents and her brother.
Her favourite place in Avilés is the Ferrera Park,and her favourite city is Barcelona; she went there when she was ten but she doesn’t like Madrid so much, because there are a lot of people, lots of noise, and it’s less peaceful than Barcelona.
To sum up, she thinks that the worst thing at her high school is the Byology teacher; she thinks he doesn’t like his job, and he is very boring. However, her best teacher is Rosa, her French teacher, because she is charming and lovely.
She doesn’t mind getting early. Normally she puts up with all lessons quite well, except for the sixth period, because she is very bored, hungry and tired.
Finally she told me: I’m not sure what else I can tell you”. But I asked her about her hobbies, and she told me that the best time for her is summer; she prefers the sunny days, and what is more, she belongs to her school theatre group, and she likes music a lot too.

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