sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Susana, by Javier Campillo (2NAH)

Susana is a 25-year-old woman who lives in Asturias (Spain). She is an academy teacher for students from high school and university. She is the eldest of three sisters. Susana loves reading and learning foreign languages. She thinks that her personality and her job define her best.

Susana has lived with her parents and sisters all her life in Avilés, a small town in northern Spain, in a region called Asturias, which is famous for its blue cheese, its cider and also for the Formula One champion Fernando Alonso, who also comes from this region. Avilés is quite rainy in winter but also warm. In summer, it is packed with tourists who come to visit all the monuments, the old palaces and buildings. As in Asturias happens, many tourists also come to Avilés to try the gastronomy of the region. Avilés used to be a very polluted industrial region, but nowadays, this problem has almost disappeared.

As it was mentioned in the introduction, Susana loves learning foreign languages. She speaks English and German and that is the reason why she is at the Language School. She would like to be able to practise them more often, but she cannot because of time. She has to work a lot and she hardly has free time to travel. She tries to watch English TV or to read German magazines not to forget them. She has also been learning to drive and she is going to have her driving test soon. She feels really nervous and that is why she feels insecure when driving.

Talking about her personality, she is quite shy and introvert, therefore she doesn’t have a lot of friends, but the ones she has, they are very, very close friends. She met them at University, when she studied Chemistry and they have kept in touch.

Susana likes her job, because she knows a lot of people and helps them to learn, but it also can be stressing so she would like to find a better job with better timetables and salary, related to her degree, for instance at a factory or in research.

She used to be fond of sports (trekking, swimming, football (soccer), tennis…), but after a back injury, she had to stop practising them and now she can only watch them on TV. She has other interests like cinema, Internet, books…

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