viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Cristina Cerón, by Ana Vázquez

Cristina is seventeen years old and she was born on 14th October 1990. Nowadays she is studying Law at Oviedo university, in the north of Spain. The first term started a few days ago so she does not know if the teachers are good because she has just attended a few lessons. The decision of studying the career was not easy, at first she thought about doing Law and Economics but finally she decided being a lawyer could be a good job. She knows a little bit of French but she does not like languages much. Cristina thinks that the best of studying at university is the independence students have. She admitted the first day she was a bit scared but then she realized everybody was as nervous as her. Going to university every morning takes her one hour by bus. If you look at her notes some day, you will find out what are Law subjects, and you can discover from Roman law to History of Law.

At home things are different; there is not so much freedom. She lives with her parents. Her mother was born in Asturias (north of Spain) and his father in Jaén (south of Spain). She also lives with her brother, who is twenty six years old. She gets on really well with him; besides, he sometimes gives her money to go out. We can say they are a close-knit family. They eat, travel and go to the cinema together.

Cristina does know how to have fun, she loves being with her friends all over the city and going to this disco called "Quattro Dance", in her opinion it is the best place to have a good time in her hometown. Asturias, where she lives, is a famous place because of its green landscapes and warm beaches. Every summer it is odd to find a gap in these beaches although it is not very hot here.

Listening to techno and rock music, going shopping and dancing are some of her favourite activities. She hates reggaeton and classical music. She is not interested in reading and she is fond of animals, especially wolves. At home she takes care of two budgerigars. She loves the TV series "Sex and The City" and the main character Carrie Bradshaw, performed by Sarah Jessica Parker. In the future she wants to earn a lot of money as a lawyer to buy so many pair of shoes as the actress has got in her wardrobe.

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