martes, 14 de octubre de 2008

Hello eTwinners!

Hello eTwinners!
My name is Elena Espina and I am one of the teachers at Avilés EOI who are involved in this project.
When I first heard of eTwinning I thought that it sounded both interesting and appealing. At the time I was quite busy participating in a Grundtvig project at school. But when this came to an end, I thought I would miss the opportunity to be in contact with teachers and students from centres in other European countries. It had been quite rewarding to take part in authentic communicative experiences: from compositions and presentations written by my students and sent to them to real face-to-face conversations during their visits to our school and town. I was also lucky to be able to go on a couple of contact trips and meet teachers and students in their own hometowns.
I believe this eTwinning project will also help us make teaching and learning fun while we are making new friends across Europe.
We'll be in contact eTwinners!

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