viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Ricardo Cordero, by himself

My name is Ricardo Cordero, I was born in Avilés in 1978, I got married there and I still live there. My parents came to Asturias from León many years before I was born but I´m the only one of my brothers who was born here. I have four brothers and one sister and I´m the youngest, we all live in Asturias and I get on very well with all of them but we don´t spend much time together because we all have our own house and family and many of them have children.

If I have to say something about my hometown is that I love living here, I don´t like big cities and here I can cross the city walking in 20 minutes, when I go back home from my job on Friday afternoon I park the car in the garage and usually I don´t take it out until Monday morning. Avilés is a great city to live in, it is small but it has all kind of facilities such as hospital, supermarkets, library etc...

I work as an accountant in a company in Gijón, I have a degree in Economics and I have been working there for three years. I became an accountant by chance because I tried to study Engineering but I found it quite difficult and I started to study Economics just because my girlfriend then (my wife now) was studying the same. That change had a good result because I discovered that I liked learning about economy so now I´m quite happy with my job. I´d like to continue in the same job but nowadays it´s difficult to be sure about things like that, I enjoy doing my job and I find it satisfying.

In my free time I like having coffee with my wife and our friends or just going for a walk with our dog.

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