sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Zoraida, by Sandra Jimeno (2NAH)

She’s 34 years old and she works as a journalist in the town of Corvera, near Avilés. To do it, she studied five years in Salamanca and she had a good time because she met a lot of people. The best about her job is the interesting people who work with her and the worst when she has to cover other people.

Zoraida now lives in Avilés but in the past she lived in Salamanca, Madrid and London. She really likes Avilés but she prefers London to live because there, you can find different cultures; however, it is more stressful than Avilés. As regards the place she was born, Avilés, she likes the old part and the carnival but she hates it when in summer, a lot of people travel to other cities and Aviles is empty.

Her life is very interesting; she has a small family and one brother who is 27 years old. She gests on well with him but she often argues with her mother. She likes travelling with them and having dinner on Sundays, however if she wants to travel, she prefers going with her friends. She doesn´t live with her parents, she lives with her boyfriend but they aren´t married.

Talking about her hobbies, she likes going to the cinema, listening to music and travelling around the world. She prefers the beach but she likes the mountain too and she loves skiing.

Zoraida likes other parts of Asturias like Gijón, Somiedo, Cabrales and the Peaks of Europe. Avilés is sometimes boring but it is changing, in her opinion.

Other things to add about her are that she loves animals and she has a cat and a dog.

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