martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Kseniya by herself (1NI C)

My name is Kseniya, I am 19 years old and I go to university. I study Tourism and it's my first academic year. I think it's very difficult, but I hope I will pass all my exams and find aan iaan interesting job. I'd like to be a stewardess, because I like flying.

At this moment, I live with my parents and my dog. I have two brothers, too. They live with their girlfriends. Sometimes, they visit us at weekends for lunch.

I am a very calm person, I never have any problems and I try to avoid all arguments.

In my house, I'm obedient, but sometimes I disagree with my parents.

I don't like to stay at home, so I like going out, going to the cinema, going to the disco or going shopping. So I think I am socible, friendly and outgoing, although sometimes I am shy. I am hard-working and responsible.

My hobbies are drawing, because this is the way to stay calm when I have some exams. Also, I like listening to music, watching TV. My favourite films are horror films.

In my free time, I study English and read Russian and Ucrainian books, because I need a lot of languages for my profession. So, I'd like to have a pen-friend to practise English.

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