sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

PAULA RICO, by Rocío Pérez

Name: Paula Rico Rodríguez
Date of birth: 14.04.1991
Nationality: Spanish
Occupation: Student

Paula is 17 years old. She is studying last year at Paula Frassinetti’s School to be an industrial engineer in the future because she loves energies and she would like to improve the planet inventing something that avoided pollution.
Her father is an industrial engineer and is like an idol for her; this is one of the reasons she would like engineering and she loves this degree for the subjects too, she thinks it could be easy, she likes mathematics and physics. Her mum works as a nurse in Mieres.
Paula lives in Avilés, her hometown, a small seaside town in the north of Asturias. Avilés is her hometown and her father was born here too but her mum is from Extremadura because her grandparents on her mother’s side were working there but shortly after they moved to Asturias. She prefers living in Salinas because most of her friends are from there and in the summer they usually organize parties at the Nautico Club. In her opinion Avilés is too crowded because of St. James’ Way.
As regards family, Paula has a younger brother who is like her own son. Her parents decided to have another child because Paula insisted on not being an only child. She does not come from a big family, she only has 4 uncles and an only aunt and they do not have so many children. She really gets on well with her brother but not with one of her uncles. In the past, they were a close-knit family because every weekend they used to meet to have dinner but nowadays their relationship is a bit broken. They only meet at Christmas to exchange presents and spend Christmas Eve together. Paula likes spending time with her family because in her opinion if you do not have your family, you do not have anything but on the other hand she loves going out with her friends.

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