sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Rocío, by Paula Ríos

Her name is Rocío Pérez Jorge and She’s from Avilés(Asturias), a small village in the north of Spain whose weather is humid and most of its inhabitants work in factories. She’s lived there all her life in spite of the fact that Avilés is not her favourite place in Asturias. She’d love living in Gijón because It’s where she studies, where she spends her free time and where her friends live.

She’s eighteen so she’s not married.She only lives with her parents. Her father is retired and her mother, who was not born in Asturias, has always worked at home, doing all the housework. Although he has not any brothers or sisters she has a big family because her father has five brothers and three sisters and her mother wasn’t the only child in her family either so she has a lot of cousins. She thinks it’s fantastic to have such a big family but, on the other hand, it’s difficult to keep all them in touch.

Rocío is a university student. She’s just started Industrial engineering although she wanted to be a journalist when she was a child. She’s looking forward to finishing the career in order to start working because what she really wants is to invent something new in her workable life. In fact, she’s studying English to be able to work abroad, in England.

In conclusion, she’s a hard-working girl!

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