viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

DAVID, by Cristina Cortés, Advanced level, 2nd Year, Group E

NAME: David
DATE OF BIRTH: 2-1-1977
OCCUPATION: Technology and drawing teacher

David is 31. He was born in Mieres, an important village due to its mining industry, placed in Asturias, in the north of Spain.
Nowadays, he works as a technology and drawing teacher at two colleges, one in Avilés, a town placed in Asturias as well, called ‘’Principado’’ and the other one in Pravia, another village near Avilés, called ‘’San Luis’’. He had always wanted to be a teacher, because he loves teaching and transmitting to other people what he knows and maybe because of his parents, who are also teachers. He also started to study civil merchantship, in fact, he was working on a ship a small part of his life but he decided it was not what he really wanted to do, it meant being far from home.

He was living in his hometown for about 26 years, but now he is living in Salinas, a coastal village in Avilés, because of his job.
All his family are from Mieres and they have been living there all their lives.
He loves going to the beach with his friends and spending the evening there and especially now that he lives really near to the beach. What he likes best is when the summer arrives and a lot of people from other cities and even from other countries come here to spend their holidays.

He comes from a small family, his father, who is a retired teacher, his mother, who is still teaching, and his only brother called Sergio, who is 35.
Today, he is living with his girlfriend and they have no children.

In his free time he likes listening to rock music, above all from 50s to 70s and he hates nowadays music. Of course he likes going out with his friends and practising sports such as football or tennis. He loves travelling, he was in France when he was younger, he has been to Iceland twice, Argelia…He would like to know Kenya, USA, Australia but travelling is too expensive.
He started to study English about 8 years ago so now he wants to finish with it because he thinks today it is a very important language and everybody should be able to speak it.

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