viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Hello! This is Scherezade’s personal profile, by Antonio Melchor

She’s a seventeen-year-old girl who was born in Oviedo (the capital of Asturias, North of Spain).
Nowadays she’s living in Corvera, which is 30 km far from Oviedo and close to Avilés, with her parents and her little sister “Sheila”.
She’s studying her last year at high school and also English. She likes studying foreign languages. In fact, she can speak English and French as well. Next year she’s going to study politics & law at the university in Madrid, the capital of Spain. There she’ll study Chinese as a third foreign language. She would like to work in the EU as a civil servant after having finished her university studies.
She enjoys a lot travelling, discovering new cultures, going sight-seeing, visiting the museums. She has been to Ireland and France and would like to go to India soon.
She loves music and going to the cinema. She can play the piano and the violin. She likes especially Irish music but her favourite music groups are U2 and The Corrs.
Finally, writing is her main passion and she has written many short stories. If you are interested in reading her latest story go and visit her personal blog on the Internet and just write the following:

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