viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Hugo’s profile, by Marta Méndez, 2NA H.

Hugo is eighteen years old. His parents split up so he lives with his father, his stepmother and his stepbrother. He was born in Avilés, a village in Asturias, in the north of Spain. He has lived in Avilés all his life. His parents were born in León, in the middle of Spain.
The job is the most important thing in defining who he is because it is a main part in his life.
He’s studying computer engineering in Gijón (A village in Asturias). He has to study a lot to pass his exams. He’s been interested in computers since he can remember. In the future he wants to work as a videogames designer. His parents haven’t studied computer engineering. His father is a business man and his mother is a lawyer. His favourite subject in the first year of the course was algebra.
He has always lived in Avilés. He thinks that in the future he will move to Madrid (The capital of Spain) or Barcelona to get a good job.
His favourite place in Avilés is Ferrera park. He thinks that Avilés is only famous for a factory called Ensidesa.
His mother hasn’t any brothers and sisters but his father has five brothers and one sister. Moreover he has a sister and a stepbrother so he has a big family. The person with whom he gests on well is his sister. He admires her, because she has her job, her life, she is going to get married; in conclusion, she’s an independent girl.
He hasn’t got a close-knit family. They don’t spend much time together. They met sometimes to eat. His family doesn’t usually go on holiday together. Hugo prefers spending his free time with his friends.

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