lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008

Andrés Martínez Alvarez by himself (2NB F)

I am Andrés and I am thirty-four years old. I live in Pravia-Asturias-Spain Pravia is a village in the north of Spain, near Oviedo, it is very quiet and the people are friendly and funny.

I live with my wife and my dog. I have a brother four years older than me and I have a nephew that is fifteen years old. I got married when I was twenty-eight years old.

I am short, a bit fat and my hair and eyes are brown. I am talkative, funny and friendly and I am sometimes shy.

I like a lot of things. I like fishing, swimming, walking, photographing, going to drink beer and wine with my friends and my wife and going on holidays to other countries. I usually go on holidays with my wife in August. Last year we went to Canada to see the Rocky Mountains. It is a very beautiful site. When we were there we saw a lot of blue lakes, white glaciers and black bears. We were in a rodeo and flew by helicopter. I know other countries, I have been to Scotland, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Iceland. As you can see I like travelling a lot.

I study English because I have some problems when I travel to other countries. It is very difficult to understand many words.

I have a Beagle, it is a small dog that has tree colours: black, brown and white. His name is Willy. I usually walk with him every day and he enjoys it a lot.

This is Willy.

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