viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

BEA, by Marisa Iglesias (2NA H)

Bea was born and grew up in Trasona, Aviles, one of the most important cities in Asturias, a region placed in the North of Spain which has a big coast surrounded by the Cantabrico Sea.
She lives with her parents in the same house where she was born but her only sister had to move to Menorca because of her job.
As she has always been a very sporty person she decided to study Physical Education to become a PE teacher. However after leaving university she really felt very disappointed because she realized how difficult it was to pass the public exams to start working at a public school. Fortunately, until now she has been working as a shop assistant at a clothes store. But, above all, Bea has a big wish in her life, she would like to have a baby although she knows she needs to be financially stable, which means, she will have to make a big effort to find a job that gives her security to achieve her goals.
Meantime, and to escape from her everyday life, she enjoys going cycling or climbing because it is a way of experiencing new feelings and emotions.
In conclusion Bea likes defining herself as a very healthy person who takes life as it comes and who dreams of getting a nice balanced life.

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