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My name is Jesús H. Feito and I was born in Cangas del Narcea, a small village in the south-west of Asturias, on the 6th of June, 1967. I like so much this quiet village where I have spent my childhood, attended primary and secondary school and where my parents actually live. I come back to my home town to visit them very often because a great part of my social life is in there.
Cangas is a very nice place at the botton of big valleys and mountains covered by forests and woods. Muniellos forest is a very big oakwood, the best-preserved oak forest in Europe. It’s a magical, calm, quiet place, a surface of fifty square kilometres, where I like going with my friends for trekking, and being in contact with nature when it’s possible: There are strict regulations for visits (only 20 people per day) My mother’s family history is connected since long with this wood. She was born in a tiny village on the border with this forest. My grand grandfather worked like a park ranger in there for several years and I feel so proud about this fact. On the other side, my father was born in Somiedo, another natural big space in Asturias. As a result, I can proudly say that nature is running trough my veins.

At the early age of seventeen I went to the army to spend some time serving my country. I didn’t like the army so much, so I preferred wasting my military time doing social service in the Red Cross. At the same time I could continue with my studies at High School. During this period my brother and my sister were studying in Oviedo, and I was wishing to join them. Living in the capital city seems more attractive when you are in your twenties, without your parents control.
In the autumn of 1987 I moved to Oviedo, where I started to study at University. Three years later I got my degree at Teachers school, pre-primary teacher, but I wanted to continue with my professional training. In that moment, the opportunities to work were really bad and I needed to continue enjoying the University life a little more. I may mention that I think this was the best period of my life. I started to live myself, I was independent (unfortunately not about money) meeting new interesting people who shared the same opinion about the world, my same ideas, my personality was getting conformed step by step…
In September, 1990, I went to Salamanca to study a master. After three hard years I became Language Therapist and I started to work in this way quickly, just three months later. At the same time I started to sing. This is one of my favourite hobbies. For thirteen years I belonged to “Coro de Amigos de la Ópera de Oviedo” It was really great. I like singing, performing and everything concerning with the theatre: designing and making dresses, sets, make up…so, I really enjoyed getting involved in this activity in spite of a lot difficulties (schedules, long hours rehearsals..) and taking part in about forty different operas: Madama Butterfly, Tosca, Manon Lescaut, Aida, Lakmé, Turandot, Nabucco, La Fille du Regiment, Un ballo in Mascara, Carmen, …
At this point, I could speak about my interests in my free time: I‘m not a very sportive and fit man, but I usually go to the mountains for trekking, and skiing (obviously in winter) and I enjoy so much diving and discovering the bottom of the sea (not in Asturias, where the sea water is very cold and dark) I also enjoy watching different kind of sports on life or on TV (tennis, basketball, water polo, rugby…)
Reading is other of my favourite activities, especially in the autumn and winter evenings, laying in bed or in the sofa, covered with a warm and lovely blanket and listening to the rain drops hitting the glasses in my windows.
Learning and speaking foreign languages is, in my opinion, the best way to know about other people and countries, so I’m interested in this matter. I like so much travelling abroad and making contact with other different or similar cultures. My passport is always ready and I try not to miss any opportunity for a trip.

It is said that people from the north of Spain are very friendly, sociable and honest, especially people from Asturias. So, I can define myself as a very good friend of my friends. We like going out to the pubs or discos, killing time chatting, drinking and dancing. Having dinner together in restaurants and cellars is a very usual activity for us, showing each other our cooking abilities .
At the moment, I work in a Pre-primary and Primary school as a language therapist. It has been my job for the last fifteen years. I really love my job, helping pupils with special needs, and I have got involved in several European educational projects like Erasmus, Grundtvig, Study visits, eLearning... because I believe in a real common European education. Actually I’m developing an eTwinning project with a school from Warrington (United Kingdon)

Working in Brussels, in the European Union, developing projects, is my nearest dream. Although I know it is very difficult, I hope to get it some day no so far away.

Jesús H. Feito
2º Nivel Avanzado

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Lyra dijo...

Great biography. I think many people nowadays have the same dream: work un Brussels to the European Union. It's a dream for me too, but in a lot of years...