sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Yamilet Martín López’s personal profile, by Silvia Miranda

Her name is Yamilet, but everyone calls her Yami. She’s 17 years old (almost 18) and she’s doing her last year at school, in the group of Social Sciences. That’s because she doesn’t want to study anything related to medicine or architecture, despite her mother would like her to. However, she doesn’t know what career she will do, maybe something about languages and travelling.
Yami lives in quite a big town in the north of Spain, but she doesn’t really like her hometown. In fact, she wants to move as quickly as possible. The place she would most like to live in is Japan, because when she was younger she got really into Japanese culture. But she wouldn’t mind living in another country in Europe.
One of the things she doesn’t like about Spain is Spanish stereotypes, like bullfights, and the image foreigners may have about Spain because of them.
She has a little sister, Claudia, who is 9 years old. They get on well because they have similar tastes, though they quite often have small arguments. Her mother works at a hospital, and her father started an engineering career, but he gave up. Most of her family live in Aviles, but they don’t really have a close relationship.
When Yami has spare time, she likes using her computer (she used to make friends on the Internet through messenger or forums). But nowadays, the main reason she uses Internet for, is to keep in touch with Japanese culture (she can even watch Japanese TV channels).
Yami used to play tennis, until she got bored of it. Instead, she now goes horse riding. She also likes listening to music (specially Asian singers) and reading all kinds of books.
She is quite a shy person with people she doesn’t know, but she becomes more extrovert when she gets to know them, and loves going out with her friends.

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